Friday, 19 August 2011

Where's Gordon.....? Where's Gideon...?

Yesterday and today global markets plummeted. Down like a stone... and no "dead cat bounce" to be seen. This particular cat is a dead cat and it ain't bouncing any time soon.... the outlook is bleak and the future is dark...

The economies of Europe and the USA are tanking. Confidence drains away like a summer downpour... not much left, it'll soon be gone...

And our leaders? How are they handling this dreadful situation?

Obama speaks words of reassurance. Merkel speaks. Sarkozy speaks. Merkel and Sarkozy speak together. They all speak in unison. But who is listening...? Not the markets. Not the investors or the financial analysts. The more our leaders speak, the worse the situation becomes.... (BTW, where's our Finance Minister in all of this? Gideon George Osborne is nowhere to be seen).

Here's a quote from Liberal England;
"For all Gordon Brown's faults, he was a considerable and reassuring presence on the international stage and would have been in his element in the current crisis. When it comes to international finance, our current prime minister has been the invisible man."
Halelujah! Absolutely true. If Gordon was in charge he would be calling summits, banging heads together, brokering deals, making a case, convincing markets, bolstering banks, exuding confidence, outmanouvreing hedge funds and, at least, attempting to control the crisis.

Where is he now? Well the UK public bought the Murdoch line that Gordon was difficult, Gordon was mulish, Gordon , the dour Scot, was somehow limited and not fit for leadership (unlike James Murdoch......).

And the public believed Murdoch, but not enough to vote for Dave, so the Lib Dems, when it came to the choice, chose Dave.... and his Bullingdon mate and economic illiterate, George

Where are they now that we need real leadership from really mature politicians? They are nowhere to be seen.

And where is Gordon when we need him....? Out of office and out of power.

Is that the real tragedy of the 2011 financial crisis?


  1. Ah! credit card man who gets paid out of the public purse yet spends more time earning money for his private 'charities' than looking after his constituents. The sooner he retires out of public office the better for all concerned.

  2. CH, I suppose that's a POV, 'though not very charitable,... as Liberal England says above "For all Gordon Brown's faults, he was a considerable and reassuring presence on the international stage..."

    Brown isn't perfect. Neither am I BTW, nor you, nor even Eck (hard to believe, eh?).

    The fact is Brown, whatever his faults, understands history and economics and, when Chancellor and P, he had the the clout to get things done.

    Dave'n'George (and Eck'n'John) are lightweights and have done nothing in the face of the economic storm...

    great pity ....

  3. GB even got his history wrong and he is no economic guru. I agree nobody is perfect but I don't pretend to be what I am not but understand if one borrows money on a credit card and puts that debt as income which is what Brown did shows hypocrisy of honesty at the very least. The economic turmoil didn't just start in America London played its part in the woes being inflicted on the lower social scale of society to enrich the wealthy even further.