Thursday, 16 June 2011

Has Eck Finally lost it....?

I've blogged previously on the SNP's attacks on judicial independence.

Last night I came across this. It's an article in Holyrood Magazine which has Alex Salmond saying some quite astonishing things about the eminent Scottish Judge Lord Hope and the Human Rights Lawyer, Professor Tony Kelly. The tone is nasty and querulous and shows Eck in a light you don't often see but which I suspect is a private mood he keeps hidden from his public persona.

I meant to blog on it, but it was late and other things were going on, so I left it for this morning to follow up......

Imagine my surprise to pick up the Herald this morning and read this "Leading Lawyer to sue First Minister". It appears that Professor Kelly has had enough of Nationalist posturing on the justice system and ad hominem attacks on people within the system and he has decided to take the FM to task, and to court, to enforce some respect.

We all know that Alex Salmond has a streak of arrogance a mile wide, and he shows no respect for Holyrood or people who disagree with him, at Holyrood or anywhere else. The question now must be: has Eck finally lost it? Has the real, arrogant, posturing, contemptuous Salmond finally ememrged from the behind the hail-fellow-well-met false bonhomie that he has been trying to cultivate as First Minister?


  1. His disgust at the High Tory Hope judge is perfectly understandable and Tony Kelly is making a nice little earner out of his prison ambulance chasing.

  2. Alex Salmond's disgust at any judge, whatever the judge's politics, is not germaine.

    A First Minister (he wants to be prime minister of Scotland) should not attack the legal system and individual jurists the way that he and other SNP ministers have done.

    It's banana republic politics and it's not a good omen for (if we have) an independent country and he and McAskill have power in it.

    You may not mind if Scotland ends up a laughing stock like Ireland or Italy. I do. It's my country, and I don't want to see it open to such ridicule.