Thursday, 9 September 2010

What can it mean?

This has just appeared on the Sky News website.

It reports that Tom Watson MP has asked  for Rupert Murdoch to appear before a Commons Select Committee to be questioned on claims of 'phone hacking by the News Of The World, a Murdoch newspaper.

That's interesting enough, but the tone of the article is revealing: it contains quotes such as...
"(Andy Coulson) was the brains behind the investigations department - how can he say he had no idea about how it works?"
and another source is quoted ..
"Coulson would certainly be well aware that the practice was pretty widespread."
Murdoch controls both Sky News and the NoW, so the question must be: is the Murdoch empire preparing to sacrifice Coulson to save big-boss Murdoch the ignominy of appearing before, and being asked embarassing questions by, the Standards Committee of the House of Commons?

I would not be surprised. Watch this space....

P.S. Friday 10th Sept, 10.15.

This from the Guardian. By Christopher Montgomerie who from his profile seems to be a prominent Conservative.
Christpher Montgomerie was a previous director of Friends of the Union, and ran A Better Choice, the campaign to keep Tory members enfranchised in leadership elections
All in all, pretty scathing of Coulson and the Murdoch empire, and of the supine attitude of Parliament before thr power of the yellow press.

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