Monday, 17 May 2010

Why the Tories Have Lost Scotland.

Iain Dale's diary has a post by a "Scottish Conservative" which bemoans the fact that the Tories are unable to make any progress north of the border.

It has this opening sentence...
You know that bit of land that if you forget to turn off the M6 onto the M55 for Blackpool, eventually becomes visible through the rain. The land where some parts of it largest town have worse statistics than Zimbabwe. Where snouts in the trough "socialist" crooks run councils with expertise that the Cosa Nostra is jealous of. That place where the Labour Party has its lair, where evil thugs train as the Tartan Taliban to destroy any prosperity in England. Where Macqueda spin against anyone (including their own side) who does not fit the mould. Even those nominally appearing to be English have names like Campbell and McBride.

If this is typical of Scottish Conservatives and their opinions of their country and countrymen, it's no wonder they cannot persuade their fellow Scots to go along with them.

Ignorant, bitter, deluded, in denial. And the contributor apparently cannot see it....nor does Iain Dale nor many of the contributors on his blog.

Labour is facing a lot of soul-searching in the wake of its defeat in the General Election, a necessary cleansing will undoubtedly follow.

The Tories have been wiped out in Scotland in four successive elections: it's time they woke up and had their own heartfelt review of the reasons for this failure. Starting with the attitude expressed and finding ways of rooting it out of their party would be a good route to understanding why they fail so consistently in Scotland.


  1. I can reassure you right now that is not the view of members of the Scottish Conservative party. I get rather annoyed when non-Scottish commentators try and put words in the mouths of Scottish Tories.

    I write my own blog and I know fine well why we failed at the election. We're too ashamed to show off our Scottish patriotism - its disgraceful and that has to change. We have to follow the example of Wales where the Conservative party there have put Wales first and waved the Welsh flag with pride - no wonder they more than doubled their seats there.

  2. Anas
    The author claims to be "a Scottish Conservative", and Iain Dale also seems to think that it is a Scottish Conservative writing that paragraph.

    So the words are from a Scottish Conservative...unless you think that Iain Dale is trying to undermine the Conservative cause?